PIQ is a “field built”, real-time integrated securities selection, security risk profiling and portfolio building software, constructed and continually enhanced over more than 30 years. PIQ’s powerful modeling enables user-friendly navigation to generate comprehensive, easily understood, actionable output for sophisticated investors. PIQ’s applications are many and varied. It is a valuable tool for investment selection and review; it is an effective compliance support tool and it is a very powerful sales and client communication system.

PIQ decision support tools are segregated into three parts, a securities selection and analytics tool kit, an ETF module and a portfolio review and risk analysis package.

The Securities Selection module employs many quantitatively based models that calculate peer review evaluations as well as “stand alone” models to forecast company return potential and risk and volatility characteristics.

The Portfolio and Risk Analytics module combines portfolio quality, return evaluation and performance attribution with various portfolio risk parameters. To the extent possible the modeling outcomes are presented in easy to understand written text while the numeric information is always a click away. The ETF models allow users to examine ETF risk/returns and build optimized portfolios using the ETFs as the investment building blocks. Optimizers and suitability questionnaires ensure the client or user mix in suitably optimal.

PIQ also employs its own methodology to create characteristically targeted portfolio that reflect various themes within investment markets. These portfolios are valuable as investment ideas generators or as standalone portfolios to be considered by users. These portfolios are called “Pure Theme Portfolios” and while the performance is not guaranteed, PIQ is confident that the Investment Theme is evident within the portfolio structure.