Users that create their own composites can review industry groups and portfolios on PIQ’s grid graphic.

The composite grid provides a filter and the ability to display any group on an X and Y axis, using standard deviation as the measurement scale. Any composite can be displayed for any sub-industry category or portfolio. Companies are ranked by standard deviations meaning that a score of 1 is uncommonly attractive.

The filter allows users to focus specifically on the characteristics of most interest.

In the example below, “mega cap” Defense companies are displayed according to value (Graham and Dodd Style) and Economic Sensitivity according to FTSE/BIRR factors.

PIQ’s grid graphic - Piq Research

PIQ’s grid graphic - Piq Research


In this example the company with the best investment value composite and the highest economic sensitivity composite is Boeing (BA).

This feature also produces the table of data that is used to create the grid graphic.