How do the constituents of a portfolio stack up against their peers? PIQ displays a portfolio’s holdings in Quality and Value (Q/V) coordinate space. This means that each holding is compared to its related peer group or industry. The holding is assessed for quality and market value, all relative to its group. The company is then displayed in its peer relative coordinate on PIQ’s Q/V graph. The graph also shows each holding’s market capitalization (size of bubble) and the forecast (by its colour) for each holding’s expected volatility.

Portfolio Quality & Value

In the example to the left the symbol placement for JNJ suggests that Johnson and Johnson is a high quality healthcare company that trades at a premium to its peer group. Walmart's (WMT) placement suggests that it is an average quality department store with very high investment value when measured against its peers.

Both companies are dark blue forecasting above average price stability.

This powerful analysis immediately gives the user a sense of the portfolio’s style profile, return potential and risk expectations. Reports accompanying these graphics detail the individual positions as well as the portfolio averages for the main PIQ portfolio review variables.

Portfolio Quality & Value