PIQ’s provides a broad selection of powerful and informative portfolio reports and portfolio management tools. Reports combining investment value, style and risk are used to analyze portfolio holdings across single or multiple asset classes. Individual equities or equity and ETF
combinations are blended to produce uncommon insight into a user’s portfolio.

  • Various performance modules analyze market and sector relative alpha. Time series reports look at the portfolios under different time periods and various market cycles such as “bull” and “bear” markets.
  • Tools to assist users make adjustment to their holdings are also part of the tool kit.
  • Tactical asset allocation optimizers or individual equity characteristic optimizers assist investors in making quantitatively correct choices for the investments that they hold.

Portfolio Reports / Tools

  • Individual reports and bundled summaries help investors and portfolio managers understand their holdings.

PIQ portfolio reports provide investors with uncommon insight into their portfolio’s return potential, volatility expectations and macroeconomic exposures. As the various tabs above indicate, PIQ reports include Quality and Value assessments as well as Performance. The tool set includes a series of models dedicated to the reporting of Risk. These include FTSE/BIRR factors, Value at Risk, Portfolio Style Sensitivities, overall Expected Volatility among others.