PIQ provides very strong tools that allow users to quickly review peer relative quality and value across over 250 industry sub-sets. PIQ embedded quality and value (Q V) models use timetested classical models to quickly and visually present any group of stocks in a standardized evaluation graphic.

Q/V Graphs

PIQ’s default analysis uses sophisticated dispersion math to determine how a company stacks up against its peers. It then displays the outcome on a grid where quality/value is spatially depicted along with the company’s market capitalization and using colour, a forecast of future price volatility. The accompanying report provides an expected return forecast for every company based on this Q/V analysis.

This amounts to a four-dimensional graph in 2D space.

Bar Chart Comparison: A Company versus Its Industry

Q/V Graphs

The QV Graphical Summary is also accompanied by other graphic comparisons of a company against its peers. Peer Relative Expected Returns are also presented in a report that accompanies the graphics. This amounts to a quantitative peer relative expected return or a quantitative “opinion” for the 1000's of companies in our universe.

User Defined Coordinates


If users prefer to move away from PIQ default modeling for quality and value, the system provides the tools to do so. Users can define their own X and Y composites to compare companies against one another. The same dispersion math is used to determine a company’s placement and the definitions associated with the coordinates are fully customizable.